This programme emphassises on dynamic development of following skills:


Hearing, Touch, Taste, smell, Vision, Body Awareness, Equilibrium


Gross and Fine

Cognitive and Perceptual

Thinking, Learning, Solving Problems


Talking, Listening, Understanding

Social / Emotional

Playing, Feeling Secure and Happy

Adaptive Behaviours

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Self Help

Eating, Dressing

Evolve intervention program helps children with developmental delays or difficulties like Autism spectrum disorders, attention deficit hyper activity disorder, Specific language impairment etc. this program is run by a team of developmental specialist

This intervention program addresses the needs and priorities of the child’s family. This helps the family to understand special needs of  the child and  to enhance his or her development.

This program provides intensive training systemic pattern for 3hours/day, 5 days/ week, over an academic year.